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Scotchgard Spot Remover[…]

It is used for cleaning dirty stain or general stains newly occurred. It is suitable for collecting the[…]

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Carpet Cleaner (Green[…]

Carpet Cleaner is used jointly with the 3M Carpet Cleaning Pad or the bonnet sheet and low rpm[…]

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Stainless Steel Cleaner[…]

It is certified by NSF (A7) USA Spray to clean normal stains and protect stainless steel surface from[…]

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Super Shine 3.8L

It is a floor coating product with high efficiency for gloss and cleanliness all the time. It uses[…]

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Floor Stripper 3.8L

Remove the old finish or wax, suitable for cleaning the floor or prepare for a new coat. It[…]

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Hand Soap 3.8L

• Liquid soap product for cleaning hands, skin preservation and no mixture of a skin irritated substance. •[…]

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