For Bangkok and surrounding area:
We have free delivery service in every 3,000 bath purchased or higher. The delivery normally take 3-5 working days, depending on types of products and delivery destination.

For upcountry area:
We have free delivery service to professional and reliable local carriers (Bangkok based). Please kindly note that delivery cost, after that to customers’ final destinations required, will depend on the agreement between customers and those carriers.

For more information, call us on

(+66)2-168-3154, (+66)86-567-7334


Maintenance service for cleaning machines:
We provide a professional inspection, diagnostics and breakdown service for all types of cleaning machines, including the scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, and carpet cleaners by our technical specialists. The customer satisfaction is important to us. All machines need to be thoroughly inspected and diagnosed by our technical specialists. Before those machines were repaired, the breakdown causes and maintenance cost will be advised to the customers within 1-2 days. For maintenance process, it requires 2-3 working days after getting permission.

(+66)2-168-3154, (+66)86-567-7334


We have training and consulting service about our products by our experienced product specialists. This is to make our customers highly confident to use our products and to solve the problems they need. Furthermore, we do have a cleaning training and workshops, for people who interested in, by our experienced product specialists. This includes how to apply the products for effective and efficient cleaning; for example, the right instruction, methods, and technique for operation.
Special offer: Free pre-inspection and diagnostic cost in every cases.

(+66)2-168-3154, (+66)86-567-7334


For cleaning machines:
We provide one-year warranty for machine motors. (Please kindly see warranty conditions and information at warranty form and service manual) The company will not be responsible for any products modified, which is out of our agreement.

For cleaning solution:
If the products are not as the agreement or the verified problems are from our production, we will change those products within 14 days with no charge.


If the problem were verified that happen from our production and delivery processes, those products will be change to the new ones within 7 days. To claim the products, please send the evidence and purchasing documents to or contact the contact center at 02-168-3154.

To make the customers highly satisfy when purchasing our products at , our company have warranty policies including:

  • The warranty condition might be different each product, therefore, we suggest the customers check the warranty condition of those products at website page of product detail, every times before purchase.
  • The product warranty will depend on the types of products, within the company’s or sale representatives’ decision.
  • The company reserves the right to examine before shipping new products to customers
  • In the case of any controversy, the judgment of company will be the final decision.
  • The delivery time will depend on the company policy, not including weekend, holiday, which might delay the delivery time.
  • The company reserves the right to deliver the goods late from the delivery time in the case of unexpected events.
  • The company reserves the right in any changes without any advanced notification.